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CentrePort - Status Update
CentrePort - Status Update
Monday, 14 November 2016 00:00

Chief Executive Derek Nind has said in a statement that CentrePort staff are coordinating inspections of port property and assets during daylight hours today.

“We have sustained damage to buildings and the port and also some liquefaction and differential settlement in places.”

The company was currently inspecting its Harbour Quays site, as well as inspecting its other facilities.

CentrePort said it was working through a process with tenants to ensure all buildings were safe before they were re-occupied, which would happen over the coming days.

“We understand this is inconvenient for customers and tenants and we’ll provide updates when we know more,” Mr Nind said. “Our primary focus is safety.”

One of the buildings on CentrePort land is the BNZ Building, damaged during an earlier earthquake, and the offices of the Regional Council, which (with the city council) owns the port company.

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