Company accreditation -
Any company planning to do work on port is required to complete a company accreditation. Completion of accreditation will allow your company and staff, access to work on port. 
Please complete company accreditation on this link: Company Accreditation

Safety Inductions for all Port users -

Centreport is committed to providing a safe and secure workplace for all who work in, visit and use the port.
Face to face induction:
If you will be conducting physical work on port (e.g. civil works, stevedoring) then you will need to complete a face to face health & safety induction.
(Please note CentrePort have introduced a new process requiring you to book the Face to Face Induction session you want to attend - spaces are limited and bookings for each session close at 3pm the previous business day.)
Face to face inductions are held at CentrePort daily, Monday to Friday at 8:00am. Please note if you are late you will be unable to attend that day's induction and will need to rebook for another session.

Click here to book your induction session.

Cruise Ship Induction:

All cruise related activities such as Cruise Ambassador, Cruise Volunteer or Tour Guide, Cruise Shuttle, Coach Driver, or Chauffer can complete the cruise specific online induction. Please follow this link:  Cruise Induction

Online inductions must be read and completed by the person intending to enter and access Port. Under no circumstance is another person able to complete an online induction on behalf of someone else. If found, that person will be excluded from access to Port.


Identification on port

On successful completion of an induction you will be issued a CentrePort identification card within a reasonable time period. This can be picked up from the security booth on port.
The identification card must be carried with you at all times when on port. If you are only to be working for a period of one month or less then we will issue you a temporary pass and not a CentrePort identification card. You will need to carry your temporary pass and a form of photo ID such as a driver licence with you at all times when on port.

Key Contacts

Health & Safety Administrator
Ph: +64 21 459 175
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Quinn McCarthy
Health and Safety Manager
Mob: +64 21 947 268
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.