Find our current general tariffs for cargo, marine and other land-based and log services.

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CentrePort General Tariffs effective from 1 July 2024 

CentrePort's General Tariffs - effective 1 July 2024

1. CentrePort’s tariff terms

  • Wharfage is a charge for the port’s fixed infrastructure comprising roading, wharves and marshalling areas.
  • Storage is the charge for storing cargo at the port. Free and chargeable storage periods apply.
  • Marine charges are for services such as pilotage and towage provided to vessels calling at CentrePort on a single voyage basis.
  • Security Compliance Levy charges cover compliance costs relating to MPI Biosecurity, New Zealand Customs container security and IMO-ISPS requirements.
  • Vessel GRT is calculated based on the GRT disclosed in the Fair play Internet Ships Register. Unless otherwise noted:
  • All prices exclude GST.
  • Standard General Contractual Provisions for Services apply (see Appendix A). 
  • All rates are effective from 1 July 2024.
  • CentrePort reserves the right to alter these charges at any time and provide one month written notice.
  • All rates are quoted in New Zealand dollars.


2. Containers


2.1 Wharfage 20 ft 40 ft
Full $96.40 $142.31
Empty/restow $36.18 $55.76
Tranship (per lift) $36.18 $55.76
2.2 Handling    
Container movement on port - per move
(full or empty)
$67.72 $67.72
Movement to/from MPI inspection or to/from
fumigation facility
$117.36 $117.36
Power & Monitoring Charges per container per day* $44.43 $44.43
2.3 MPI Charges    
External MPI Wash $248.61 $277.87
Wheat Taping $64.71 $64.71
2.4 Weighbridge    
Per Weigh $21.00 $21.00

* Includes one morning check between 0000hrs and 1159hrs and one afternoon check between 1200hrs and 2359hrs.


2.5 Storage Number of days
Imports First seven days following ship discharge – No charge
Exports Seven days prior to ship load – No charge
Chargeable period 20ft 40ft
Import $63.83 $127.60
Export $63.83 $127.60


2.6 Security & Insurance levy Number of days
Security levy - Full containers (per unit) $3.26
Insurance levy - Full containers (per unit) $25.00


  • Free storage commences on the day following the completion of ship’s discharge for imports.
  • Chargeable storage is payable by the named customs broker, unless other arrangements are made, at the expiry of the free storage period and is calculated per calendar day.
  • Land-based services terms and conditions – see appendix A (page 10)

3. Breakbulk

3.1 Logs

Logs Per JASM3
Wharfage $5.63
Storage Separate Individual Arrangements
Book end levy $0.43
Environment levy $0.78
Security levy $0.25
Insurance levy $0.46
Gantry levy $0.35
Weighbridge – per weigh $21.00


CentrePort Limited’s (CPL) ‘Standard Conditions for Land Based Services’ shall apply to all aspects of log movements through CentrePort Wellington (the Port).

The ‘Aged Stock Report’ will be used to calculate log storage if required and is subject to individual licences to occupy. 


3.2 General Provisions for Logs

• CentrePort Limited shall have access to the Log Marshalling Operator’s records to secure such data as is necessary for CentrePort Ltd to assist in the management and control of the movement of logs through the Port. CentrePort Ltd undertakes not to disclose or use this information for purposes other than those associated with the management of logs from the Port.

• The Exporter shall provide CentrePort Ltd with a forecast Shipping Schedule on a monthly basis for CentrePort and the Log Marshalling Operator’s planning purposes.

• CentrePort Limited has licensed C3 Limited and ISO Limited as the Log Marshalling Operators
with whom the Exporter will be required to separately contract its log marshalling requirements.

• CentrePort Limited reserves the right to replace or to appoint additional Log Marshalling 

• CentrePort Limited reserves the right to review these special terms and conditions if required in respect to Port operational matters.


3.3 Vehicles*

Wharfage Per Unit
Used $48.48
New $46.22
Storage Per Unit
Per unit per day (first 7 calendar days no charge) Thereafter: $63.83
Cleaning** Per Unit
Exterior Steam Clean $158.39
Vacuum $145.40
Truck interior clean $145.40
Truck exterior steam clean $207.72 per hour or part thereof
Excavator exterior steam clean $239.91 per hour or part thereof
MPI Vehicle Ramping Inspection $41.41
Insurance Levy Per unit
Per vehicle $4.00

*Cars, Caravans, Trailers, buses, trucks, excavators, boats etc.

**Vehicles are cleaned to remove quarantine risk material. The standard of cleaning is to MPI requirements only and is not a grooming service. CentrePort provides an MPI-accredited cleaning facility.


3.4 Bulk goods

Wharfage Tariff

Bulk liquids (per kilolitre) Incl. petroleum, chemicals,
and other bulk liquids

Bulk cement (per tonne weight) $4.36
Bulk dry (per tonne weight) Including wheat, fertilizer,
soda ash. Excludes environmental and berth clean-up costs
General cargo - per manifest tonne/m³, whichever is
the greater
Storage Tariff
Steel – per tonne per day after 5 days $6.00
All other goods – per manifest tonne/m³, whichever is
greater (covered) after 5 days
All other goods – per manifest tonne/m³, whichever is
greater (open) after 5 days
Security & Insurance Levy Tariff
Security levy - General and bulk cargoes not otherwise
stated, per tonne/m3, whichever is the greater
Insurance levy - General and bulk cargoes not otherwise
stated, per tonne/m3, whichever is the greater

 Subject to capacity and sufficient notice, a storage arrangement is negotiable prior to receipt of cargo. Rates will reflect the specific storage needs of the customer.

4. Marine

4.1 GRT Based Charges

The following table is of marine charges for tankers, general cargo or container vessels calling at CentrePort on a single voyage basis.

CentrePort’s marine charges are International Gross Registered Tonnage (GRT) based and cover port and navigation dues, pilotage, towage services, lines services and an initial 24 hours berthage. 

Berths are offered at CentrePort’s discretion and include Thorndon Container Wharf (TCW), Aotea Quay (AQ) Wharf, Burnham Wharf and Seaview Wharf.

GRT Minimum Tariff Additional Rate
($ Per Each Extra
GRT to Next Step)
GRT Max.
More than 500 GRT or
40 metres
$1,777.81 $3.5556 -
500+ By Quotation By Quotation 2,999
3,000 $10,667.79 $0.4202 4,999
5,000 $11,508.80 $0.5483 7,999
8,000 $13,153.52 $1.6416 14,999
15,000 $24,662.35 $1.3882 19,999
20,000 $31,603.60 $0.9682 39,999
40,000+ $50,969.39 $0.9682 -


4.2 Small Vessel Tariff

The following tables are of marine charges vessels under the greater of 500 GRT or 40 metres Length Overall (LOA) calling at CentrePort on a single voyage basis, except where noted.

Casual call – where the vessel owner does not
have a signed Small Vessel Agreement LOA

Tariff per day

0 to 40 metres and under 500 GRT


More than 40 metres, or over 500 GRT

Refer table for tariff
for more than 500 GRT
or 40 metres


Vessel owner has a signed vessel
Agreement (min. term of 2 months) LOA
Tariff per month Tariff per day
0 to 20 metres $1,131.05 $222.66
20 to 25 metres $1,508.07 $272.43
25 to 30 metres $1867.58 $306.49
30 to 40 metres $2,170.28 $377.22
More than 40 metres, or over 500 GRT Refer table for tariff for more than
500 GRT or 40 metres

4.3  Marine Security & Insurance Levy


Per Ship Call

Security Compliance Levy


Insurance Levy



4.4 Additional Marine Services



ASD Tug, per hour (including crew) - In Harbour


ASD Tug, per hour (including crew) – Out of Harbour Limits,
defined as South of Ward Island. Subject to Maritime New
Zealand (MNZ) request and/or approval.


Launch (Te Haa), per hour (including crew)


Launch (Tarakena), per hour (including crew)


Pilotage Hire per task

By Quotation

Additional Tug Charges for vessels using tugs
at Seaview or Burnham Tanker Terminals

Charged Per Task



Pilot detained onboard a vessel (for any reason)

Return flights, accommodation and expenses recovered at cost.

$5,000.00 per 24 hour or part thereof

Additional Berthage after the initial 24hrs*


Hours 0 – 24

See page 8

Hours 25 – 48 of berthage

$0.138 per GRT/per 24hr period

Hours 49 - 96 of berthage

$0.498 per GRT/per 24hr period

Hours 97 and above of berthage

$0.996 per GRT/per 24hr period

Dead Vessel, arrested vessel, detained vessel - First day charge
to apply as per page 8, thereafter up to 28 days, thereafter POA.

0.750 per GRT/per 24hr period

Moving vessels between terminals and berths


Based on the vessel’s GRT

By Quotation

Marine Services on Statutory holidays at
customer’s request – regardless of GRT


Per Movement


Additional Movements


Additional vessel movements between wharves or to
anchor, e.g., from AQ1 to AQ2, TCW to Anchor.

Rates based on GRT 
- Price on application

Cancel Call Charge


Where resources have been ordered and turned to.



*Additional berthage is charged in 12-hour periods

5. Tariffs for supplementary services


Provision of Gangway

Various gangways available by
arrangement – Price on application

Fuel – Bunkering

Vessel Loading Bunkers – per tonne


Water Supply

Connection fee


Per cubic metre


Includes hire of hose, connection, and

Garbage Collection (and incineration)*

Minimum garbage collection charge
(3 drums)


Each drum after the first 3 - per drum or equivalent
of approximately 32kgs



Skips available through private contractor only direct by customer. Discounts may be available on application for large quantities. Government emissions trading and national waste levies are additional.

*Cruise ships must organise all quarantine waste removal directly with the ship’s agent.



Forklift and Driver

7 tonnes per hour


16 tonnes per hour


Reach Stacker


Security Staff*

Per hour per person


Statutory Holiday rates per hour per person


Where security is provided outside of a quoted tariff for passenger or special vessels security

or traffic/crowd control.

Shore Power

Connection fee


Consumption charge (per kwh)


Vessel Shuttle Buses - Cruise

Bespoke arrangements to be agreed by vessel

Price on application

Cruise passenger Levy

Passenger Levy for Cruise – per passenger


Re-invoicing Fee

At the customer’s request and when CentrePort is 
not at fault


Compliance Documentation Reviews

After business hours - Review of Safe Working
Method Statements (SWMS) where supplied by
third party PCBU’s for on-site work for another
PCBU – per SWM


Review of Crane Permits where required by third
party PCBU’s for on-site work per permit. Cost



*Above rates apply to Security Level 1 (In relation to the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code)).

At Security Levels 2 and 3 of the ISPS Code, additional security-specific services required by any vessel may incur additional charges.

This charge covers full berth preparation and provision of berth security and traffic co-ordinating services. Extra ship requirements are readily accommodated but may be subject to further charges.

6 Appendix A – land-based services terms and conditions a.k.a general conditions of service

These general contractual provisions apply between CentrePort Limited (“CPL”) and each customer who uses CPL’s relevant services at CentrePort Wellington.

CPL may vary these provisions at any time by reasonable notice. If any other provision is to apply or prevail over these provisions, it must be agreed to in writing by CPL in each case.

6.1 Provisions of CentrePort’s Service

CPL will provide those land-based port services to the customer at CentrePort Wellington which are agreed with the customer to be provided. CPL’s services may involve:

a) berthage of the customer’s vessels
b) loading and discharging the customer’s vessels
c) handing of relevant cargo and containers; and
d) transport of relevant cargo and containers between the wharf and the marshalling area.

Where any berthage is involved, the master of the customer’s relevant vessel will change berths, or vacate any allocated berth and moor the vessel in the harbour, as and when directed by CPL.

6.2 Charges/Payments

CPL’s applicable Pricing Schedule (available from CPL on request) will determine the charges payable by the customer for relevant services. The Customer will pay CPL in cash in full prior to vessel departure or, where no vessel is involved, then within 7 days after the date of CPL’s relevant invoice. The customer will, if demanded by CPL, pay CPL interest on overdue amounts at the rate of 15% per annum, calculated on a daily basis.

6.3 Customer Obligations

The customer will:

a) safely and properly navigate, manage, and operate its vessel while at CentrePort Wellington

b) ensure its vessel, equipment, master, crew, subcontractors, and other representatives, while at CentrePort Wellington, comply with:

i) CPL’s security, operational and documentation rules, procedures, and directions (particularly in relation to the handling of dangerous items, hazardous substances, health and safety and environmental protection); and

ii) best industry standards and operating practice.

c) ensure all relevant cargo and containers are:

i) properly packed, labelled, and secure

ii) in every way safe for carriage by sea, road, or rail

iii) do not exceed their rated gross capacity 

iv) are in a fit and proper condition to be handled or otherwise dealt with in the normal course of business by the equipment and operating procedures used by CPL

v) comply with all applicable New Zealand law.

d) notify CPL in writing:

(i) prior to or on arrival at the relevant wharf gate, about export cargo, which is dangerous, hazardous or requires any special care

(ii) at least 48 hours prior to its vessel’s arrival, about import (including transhipment) cargo, which is dangerous, hazardous or requires special care.

e) ensure itself and its representatives comply with all New Zealand law

f) promptly make good any damage or loss to CPL or anyone else to the extent caused or contributed to at CentrePort Wellington by the customer or any of its representatives, subcontractors, or visitors.

6.4 Damaged Containers/Security

CPL is not obliged to:

a) inspect for, or to report to anyone, any damage to any cargo or container, but will use its reasonable endeavours (without any liability) to take appropriate steps to protect the contents of a noted damaged container and refer such to the customer; or

b) ensure that any cargo or container is properly or adequately secure on any method of transportation.

6.5 Failure To Remove Cargo/Containers

If the customer does not remove any cargo or container from any wharf or other relevant place within the time allotted for free storage by CPL, then CPL may handle, transport, store or otherwise deal with such at every risk and expense of the customer, without any recourse to CPL.

6.6 Labour Relations

The customer will not directly or indirectly involve itself in any employment or labour matters at CentrePort Wellington involving any of CPL’s employees, subcontractors, or other representatives. This will be exclusively done by CPL. 

6.7 CentrePort's Liability

Category of item
damaged /lost

CPL’s maximum liability
per event/
claim or series
of events/claims

Excess first
deductible by
CPL per

Any vessel and/or

Lesser of:

1.  reasonable cost of repair

2.  market value

3.  $200,000 maximum



Lesser of:

1.  reasonable cost of repair

2.  market value

3.  $7,500 (refrigerated)
$4,000 (insulated) $1,000
(other); or

4.  $100,000 maximum



a)  In a closed or sealed

b)  On board a vessel

c)  Elsewhere

a)  $5,000 per item up to
aggregate of $200,000

b)  $750 per manifest tonne
up to aggregate of $200,000

c)  $1,000 per manifest tonne
up to aggregate of $200,000


Ancillary equipment

(e.g., clip-on refrigeration
units, refrigeration towers,
trailers, and chassis)

Lesser of:

1.  reasonable cost of repair

2.  market value

3.  $7,000



  1. All above amounts are in NZ$ and include GST (if any). With respect to cargo, CPL’s liability will be the lesser of the above specified limits of liability or the maximum liability of the customer in terms of the relevant contract of carriage.
  2. CPL must receive written notice of each claim from the customer, in respect of cargo, within 10 days after the actual or intended delivery date, and in respect of anything else, within 30 days after the date the damage or loss occurred, otherwise CPL will have no Where such notice has been given, CPL will only be liable for physical damage or loss caused by the negligence of CPL or its representatives exceeding the above stated relevant excess amount up to the above stated maximums of liability. In any event, CPL’s maximum aggregated liability to the customer is always limited to NZ$2,000,000.
  3. In any event, CPL will not be liable (in contract or tort, including negligence) to the customer or anyone else for:
    (a) anything that happens to any person, any economic loss (including loss of profits or income), any indirect/consequential or special damage or loss, or any related cost (including legal and lawyer/client costs). This includes where any services is not available, is not promptly or properly performed, or is changed, for any reason; or
    (b) the extent of any damage, loss or cost caused or contributed to by the customer or any of its representatives or visitors.
  4. CPL will not be liable for any unavailability of, or any failure or delay in performance of, any service if it is due to a cause beyond its control (including actual or threatened strikes, lockouts, go-slows or other industrial action, unavailability or unserviceability of facilities or equipment, or incorrect labelling or packaging of cargo or containers).
  5. CPL, its representatives, and subcontractors are to enjoy the benefit of each limitation of liability, indemnity and other provision in each of the customer’s contracts of carriage, bills of lading and other documents. The customer will include a provision in its documentation (e.g. bills of lading) relevant to cargo and containers transported by its vessels to the effect that CPL, its representatives and subcontractors are to benefit from, and may enforce, any limitation of liability and indemnity the customer may enjoy.
  6. The customer will indemnify and protect CPL and its representatives from any direct and indirect claim, damage, loss and cost to the customer or anyone else to the extent that such is excluded, or exceeds the limits on liability, as provided in this document.
  7. These limitations of liability and indemnities are also intended for the benefit of, and to be enforceable by, each of CPL’s directors and other representatives.
  8. Disputes - If a party believes that there is a dispute, that party will notify the other in writing giving details of the The dispute will then be promptly referred to senior representatives of each party for resolution, and if they do not resolve the dispute within 10 working days, it will be submitted to arbitration in Wellington if requested by either party
  9. New Zealand law governs. New Zealand courts have non-exclusive jurisdiction.