Introducing our Executive Leadership Team of CentrePort Wellington

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Derek Nind (Chief Executive)
BCom, MCom
Jason Sadler (Chief Financial Officer) CA, BCA
Anthony Delaney (General Manager Regeneration)
BEng (Civil), BCom (Mgmt)

Derek Nind is the Chief Executive, responsible for all group activity.

Derek joined CentrePort in August 2012, as General Manager Commercial and assumed the role of Chief Executive in December 2015.

He has extensive port knowledge having previously been Commercial Manager at Port Lyttelton and Southport.

He also has significant international trade experience with exporting roles at major New Zealand food processors.

Prior to coming to CentrePort Derek was with infrastructure specialist Delta where he was General Manager Market and Strategy and Development.

Derek holds a Master's Degree in Commerce from the University of Otago.


Jason Sadler is the Chief Financial Officer. He took up the role in October 2019 having previously held the position of CentrePort Finance Partner.

Jason has been with CentrePort since 2013 and in addition to assisting in general financial management, was involved in the 2016 earthquake insurance claim process.


Anthony Delaney is the General Manager Regeneration.

Anthony is focused on leading the regeneration of the Port delivering strategic planning, linking in with CentrePort’s spatial and investment planning.

Anthony joined CentrePort in November 2016, following the Kaikorua Earthquake, and previously held the role of GM Infrastructure and Environment.

Anthony has acted as a Project Director on major infrastructure projects in both Australia and New Zealand.

Anthony is experienced in the planning and delivery of projects, and the asset management of large scale infrastructure businesses.

He has a civil engineering degree, and a Bachelor of Commerce, from the University of Wollongong.

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Stefan Reynolds (General Manager Container Services) Ag. Business Dip, Finance Ag. Production Dip
Andrew Locke (General Manager Commercial, General Manager Break Bulk Services)
Andrew Steele (General Manager Ferries and Bulk)

Stefan Reynolds is the General Manager Container Services.   He oversees the operational and strategic management of CentrePorts container business.              

Stefan has extensive experience in the transport logistics industry and project management.  Prior to his arrival at CentrePort in October 2019, Stefan was GM Operations at DP World Fremantle Terminal in Perth.   He has held previous roles with Ports of Auckland and Tapper Transport.


Andrew Locke took up the role of General Manager Commercial in July 2019. He originally joined CentrePort in October 2018 as Manager Commercial.

The General Manager Commercial grows and develops CentrePort's business promoting services to existing and prospective customers and identifying business prospects and opportunities. A key focus of the role is building and strengthening commercial relationships with CentrePort's customers to grow loyalty and satisfaction.

Andrew is also responsible for Break Bulk Services overseeing the strategic and operational aspects of the business including logs, vehicles, bulk cargoes and Marine.

Andrew has 27 years’ experience in the port industry including 22 years at Napier Port where he was Commercial Manager.


Andrew Steele is the General Manager Ferries and Bulk.

He is responsible for the growth, development and delivery of services to the ferry companies and oil companies across the Port.

Andrew joined CentrePort in April 2016 as Commercial Manager and became the General Manager Ferries and Bulk in January 2017.

Andrew has had a career spanning a number of industries and sectors in New Zealand and overseas. This has included the professional services, banking sector, professional sports administration and major international sporting events.

Prior to joining CentrePort Andrew was involved in the planning and delivery of Rugby World Cup 2011 and Cricket World Cup 2015.

Andrew is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has a Masters of Management degree from Waikato University.

Paul Terry (General Manager Infrastructure and Environment)

As General Manager Infrastructure and Environment, Paul oversees the management of the infrastructure maintenance programme supporting the commercial and operational activities of the Port.

He has responsibility for the planning and delivery of maintenance, renewals, and infrastructure-related projects and overseeing the asset management plan.

Paul has been with CentrePort for two years in the Infrastructure and Environment team, most recently as Delivery Director. He has a background in mechanical engineering and project management across the energy and commercial construction sectors.