Safety/Security Inductions for all Port users -

CentrePort is committed to providing a safe and secure workplace for all who work in, visit and use the port.

Our strategy for safety is based on ZERO HARM, we believe we can work in all aspects of our business without injury. We believe in:

  • - Coming to work safely.
  • - Working safely.
  • - Going home safely.

To achieve this, we all have our part to play.

Application Form and Induction

If you need to work in or visit the Port Operational area you must:


  • complete the Online Induction and pass the quiz at the end of it (you will need about 10 minutes to complete both the induction and the quiz).
    You need to get a score of 8/10 or better in the Induction quiz, this shows you understand our policies and our procedures that help ensure everybody's safety and protect our environment on the Port.

The Online induction must be read and the quiz completed by the person intending to enter and access the Port. Under no circumstance is another person to complete the online induction on behalf of someone else. If found, that person will be excluded from access to Port.


ID Photo

The photo you supply needs to be your head and shoulders (like a passport photo), 'selfies' are OK but must only be of your your head and shoulders.

Do not send a photo or scan of your Drivers Licence, Passport or expired CentrePort ID.
What Happens to your Application, Photo and Quiz Results?

When you have

  • - completed the Port ID/Access Card Application form in full and correctly
  • - supplied a suitable photograph of yourself, and
  • - completed this induction and passed the quiz

your application will be processed by CentrePort. If there any issues you will be contacted by the email or telephone number you have supplied.

Once your application has been accepted and processed you will receive an email from us advising you that you can pick up your new ID card from the Inward Goods Receiving Office located east of Shed 39 at 2 Fryatt Quay (opposite the coffee cart and pedestrian crossing, as shown on this map).

The Inward Goods Receiving Office is open Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 10:00 and 11:00 to 14:00. Appointments are not necessary for pick-up. The office is closed on public holidays.

Please bring photo ID with you when you pick it up (for example your drivers licence, passport or previous CentrePort ID card).

Identification on port

The ID/Access card must be carried with you at all times when on port. If you are only to be working for a period of one month or less then we will issue you a temporary pass and not a CentrePort identification card. You will need to carry your temporary pass and a form of photo ID (such as a driver licence) with you at all times when on port.

Key Contacts

Induction Admin
Ph: +64 21 459 578

Health and Safety Manager
Mob: +64 21 299 4106