CentrePort’s warehouse management team is well trained, professional and flexible. Every staff member is fully trained in all aspects of warehousing, from IT systems through to fork lift operations for pulp, steel, containers and timber products.

As customers work to tight timeframes, so does CentrePort’s warehouse management team. The team offers a continuous service – 24 hours a day, seven days a week – to ensure quick, delay-free transferral of cargo.

CentrePort has developed and operates warehouse management systems for both JNL and WPI product. The systems enable real-time tracking of product and provide on-line drive instructions to all fork-truck drivers. A graphic-oriented reporting facility maps the actual and projected shed occupancy and provides monthly summaries of cargo movements and productivity.The system can be updated to suit the needs of the customers and cargo types. Customers also have the ability to log into the system at any time to get an update on the status of their cargo.

Warehousing management operates six different warehouses on the wharf, each of which is designated and modified to accommodate different cargo. CentrePort operates a fleet of fork trucks ranging from 4.5 to 25 tonnes. A MAF-accredited vehicle decontamination facility is also available.

Warehouse Brochure

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