Contractor Accreditation

Contractor Accreditation

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CentrePort is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for everyone and making sure everyone gets home safe every day. Working together with all our contractors is an essential part of achieving this, which includes contractors working with other contractors and subcontractors.

CentrePort has duties under several areas of legislation including the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and Maritime Security Act 2001, to ensure the physical health and safety and security of all persons entering the port. Contractor works, your work, plays a key part in meeting these duties. This includes:

  • Ensuring the appropriate health and safety systems are in place
  • Workers performing the work are properly trained to the required standards
  • Ensuring everyone entering port is properly inducted
  • Ensuring proper resources such as PPE are supplied
  • The proper emergency management procedures are in place
  • Contractors have the required insurances in place e.g. liabilities, works, etc.

To help achieve this, all contractors are required to complete the CentrePort Contractor Accreditation questionnaire and upload relevant documents as evidence of these standards being met.

Once completed, you will need to make sure your workers have completed the CentrePort online induction. The induction must be completed by any member of your company who is required to come onto the port.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the CentrePort Health and Safety team ( and they will assist you with your enquiry.

Please note - All uploaded documents in this application must be in a PDF format or a scanned image.

Health and Safety Manager

The CentrePort Common User Safety Protocol (CUSP) provides information for companies coming onto our site. You must acknowledge that you have read this.

CentrePort Common User Safety Protocol (CUSP) 

Company information

Who in CentrePort has engaged your company?


Do you have Public Liability Insurance?
Do you have Commercial Vehicle Insurance?
Do you have Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Health and safety policies and plans

Do you have a health and safety policy?
Do you have an environmental policy?
Do you have a Quality Management Plan?
Do you have a drug and alcohol policy?
Do you have a Health and Safety Management Plan?
Which of the following work planning and risk management tools does your company use?
What method(s) do you use to communicate health and safety related matters in your business?

Training and assistance will be provided to ensure that you can complete the CentrePort SWMS


Does your company provide training and induction to all workers?
All high-risk work will be done under a permit system. Do you have at least one worker that has NZQA permit issuer/receiver training?

Work that requires confined space, working at heights and Elevated Work Platform (EWP) will need to be completed by trained workers. Only NZQA qualifications will be accepted and the worker MUST have that qualification on them and produce it upon request from CentrePort.

Will you be conducting any work that requires the above?

Permit Control and Permit to Work

Do you operate a permit to work system?


Are you accredited to Sitewise?
Are you accredited to SiteSafe?
Are you prequalified through IMPAC prequal?
Are you accredited to SafePlus?
Are you accredited to another scheme?
Level of ACC Accreditation
Is your company a member of any of the following?

By signing below you acknowledge your responsibilities, both under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, and under all regulations and requirements of CentrePort Wellington Limited.