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Channel Maintenance news tile

Wellington Harbour shipping channel maintenance

April 20, 2021

CentrePort is undertaking work to remove a build-up of sand in Wellington Harbour to ensure shipping has sufficient depth to operate, improving safety and efficiency.

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Zelandia Sanctuary news tile

CentrePort joins forces with Zealandia on Sanctuary to Sea project

March 24, 2021

CentrePort has joined forces with Zealandia Te Māra a Tāne and the wider community surrounding the Kaiwharawhara Stream to help protect one of Wellington’s most…

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Regeneration news tile

CentrePort regeneration

November 27, 2020

CentrePort CEO Derek Nind has announced details of an ambitious regeneration programme.

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CentrePort 2020 result news tile

CentrePort continues to build regeneration momentum

September 16, 2020

CentrePort’s regeneration continued to gain momentum while it provided essential services through the COVID crisis in what has been a challenging 2019/20 financial year.

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NZGIF invest news tile

CentrePort's low-carbon regeneration programme a step closer

June 18, 2020

CentrePort has boosted its environmental sustainability by drawing on a green credit facility of $15 million provided by New Zealand Green Investment Finance for low…

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New shipping service news tile

New CentrePort shipping service will help with COVID-19 recovery

June 10, 2020

A new container shipping service operating out of Wellington’s CentrePort from today will provide a major boost for central New Zealand exporters and importers as…

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Exhaust gas scrubber news tile

Ships’ exhaust gas scrubber discharge

February 19, 2020

CentrePort and the Greater Wellington Regional Council are working with the port’s customers in the new environment of exhaust cleaning systems to ensure our harbour…

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Insurance finalisation news tile

Focus on CentrePort Regeneration now insurance finalised

October 22, 2019

The regeneration of CentrePort has taken a major step forward with the finalisation of one of the largest insurance claims in New Zealand.

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New ships new records news tile

New ships, new records for Wellington cruise season

October 4, 2019

Another record-breaking Wellington cruise ship season launches this week with several vessels making their first visit to CentrePort.

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