Marine Services


Our pilots all hold pilot licences for Wellington Harbour that covers the wide range of ships that call into CentrePort. 

We support their development to ensure they are up to date with both technical and soft skills and advances in navigational technology. 

CentrePort provides pilotage in Wellington in accordance with the provisions of the Maritime Transport Act and associated legislation, and Greater Wellington Regional Council bylaws.

Pilotage is compulsory for vessels that have a Gross Registered Tonnage (GRT) of 500 or above. Otherwise, Masters are able to apply for an exemption to hold a Pilotage Exemption Certificate for Wellington Harbour.

Tugs and launches

Our Marine Crews utilise two pilot launches transporting pilots between port and vessels, and two tugs that ensuring vessels are safely manoeuvred into port.

Read more about our tugs and launches

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Arriving and departing the port

You need to advise the port of your estimated time of arrival at these time points:

  • 24 hours prior to arrival
  • 4 hours prior to arrival
  • 1 hour prior to arrival

Beacon Hill signal station contacts

Phone: +64 4 388 5470

Fax:       +64 4 388 4319


VHF – Local Listening Channel 16

VHF – Local Working Channel 14

VHF – Tug Working Channel 13

VHF – Vessels Approaching from the West Channel 62

VHF – Vessels Approaching from the East (Cape Palliser Repeater) Channel 04

Other contacts

Duty Pilot – +64 4 495 3802 email the Duty Pilot 

Duty Pilot (After hours) +64 4 388 5470

Harbour radio 24 hours +64 4 388 7795

Documents required for arrival

All vessels arriving at CentrePort must provide vessel and pilot ladder information. You can complete these forms either online using the links below or download them and send by email or fax.

Vessel Movement Form - 24 hours 

Vessel Movement Form - 4 hours

Download the Vessel Movement Forms (PDF)

Download the pilot ladder checklist (PDF)  

Port and Harbour Marine Safety Code (PHMSC)

We apply the New Zealand Port and Harbour Marine Safety Code to assist in the navigational safety of vessels calling into Wellington Harbour.


CentrePort is committed to the New Zealand Port and Harbour Marine Safety Code.

We aim to achieve this by:

  • Aspiring to excellence in marine operations. Providing Wellington Harbour users,
    stakeholders and the public with efficient operations that safeguard the Harbour
    and the environment.
  • Ensuring the relevant assets of the harbour are managed safely and efficiently.
  • Ensuring the provision of quality resources (including qualified and trained
    marine staff), to achieve navigational safety excellence.
  • Seeking stakeholder input on matters of navigational safety and sharing
    information to other harbour users.

For details of the Port’s Navigational Safety Management System, please contact the Marine Manager or the Greater Wellington Regional Council’s Regional Harbour Master at 0800 496 734.

Find out more about the Port and Harbour Marine Safety Code.

Shipping movements

You can find up-to-date information on shipping movements through CentrePort on our Shipping schedule page on this website.

Visit the Centric Shipping Portal