CentrePort is excited by bp marine's recent announcement that it's bringing marine biofuels to Wellington.

Marine biofuels coming to Wellington

26 July 2023

CentrePort is excited by bp’s recent announcement that it’s bringing marine biofuels to Wellington. Biofuels will be made available as part of an agreement with StraitNZ, the operators of the Bluebridge Cook Strait Ferries.

CentrePort CE Anthony Delaney says this announcement is a major shift in alternative fuel sources becoming available for StraitNZ and other shipping lines from Wellington.

"This is a first for the Capital and represents a positive opportunity for CentrePort, making us an even more attractive destination for current and future customers. It also aligns with our energy journey, where we’re doing more to focus on lowering emissions in the supply chain.

That focus includes improvements like installing shore power at King’s Wharf to reduce ferry emissions and the Seaview energy project, which is working to future-proof Seaview Wharf and make it fit for both alternative fuels and the different types of ships that will use them.”

 StraitNZ CEO Shane McMahon echoed Delaney’s comments.

“The opportunity to source biofuels to power Bluebridge’s Cook Strait Ferries is exciting progress on our journey towards a more sustainable offering for our Cook Strait services."

Delaney says CentrePort, like StraitNZ, is actively investing in a shift to lower emissions across its operations.

“We’re putting our effort behind what we’re saying. We’ve already invested in a move to 100% electric container internal movement vehicles, LED lighting, removing diesel-fuelled mobile plant and committing to a trial of some of New Zealand’s first 100% hydrogen powered trucks. And that’s just a start. Like bp, we’re investing now and taking action.”

CentrePort is working with bp on its plans to make marine biofuels available by bunker barge in 2024. Planning is in the early stages with more known in the coming months.

“We’re pleased to be at the forefront of making marine biofuels available in Wellington. This will ensure CentrePort continues to be New Zealand’s busiest port as different ships are expected to come to port based on what we have to offer.”

 Delaney says he’s keen to see where this may lead and how it will shape the future of the port.


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